Hog Roast, American Rodeo & Barn Dance in Apperley Bridge near Rawdon in Leeds

There was a real ho down in Apperley bridge at the marina last month near Rawdon in Leeds for a special birthday party when we supplied a huge Hog Roast for 150 sandwiches from our base down the road in Saltaire, Bradford.  Sheets of crackling put the crowds on while the meat was been prepared for the sandwiches.

The large marquee saved the day as the Yorkshire “summer” wind and rain unsuccessfully did it’s best to dampen spirits at what turned out to be a great party.

Especially for the occasion we flew our not so glamorous hick boy assistant Jessie in to fit in with the theme of the party.

And to top off the themed event we supplied an choice of Northern and Central American sauces for the more adventurous / brave!  The Hog Roasting Company always enjoy buying and sharing delicious and interesting  sauces from when we are out and about on our travels.

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